We leverage proprietary processes to identify and build market-leading companies that do good. 


We invest in daring social entrepreneurs to guarantee social impact through profit.


We accelerate the growth of companies we invest in to deliver lasting social impact and profit.

Our focus

Sectors our funds invest in.

Better Education

Our Education Fund invests in companies that focus on improving the quality of teacher instruction and student achievement across the globe using cutting-edge education technology and innovative pedagogy.

Better Health

Our Health Fund invests in companies that provide better and affordable services on maternal health and chronic illnesses using cutting edge approaches in managing health facilities, diagnosis and treatment.

Better Housing

Our Housing Fund invests in companies that help fulfill the global demand for inclusive housing or use technology that helps lower the costs of housing for low-income dwellers to make housing more affordable.

Better Trade

Our Trade Fund invests in companies that have technology, products and services that create quality jobs en-masse or that improve access to markets for products and services by the global poor.

The market is a force for good and has the unmatched power to generate wealth and to expand freedom.

The success of an economy depends not just on the size of the gross domestic product, but on the reach of that prosperity.

It is the surest route to common good.

Paraphrased from Barack Obama's Inaugural SpeechFormer President, United States of America

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