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What we offer

What we bring to companies we invest in.

We look for or build companies working in transformative ways within our sectors of focus and provide them with operational support and funding to scale profitably across the geographies we cover in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. 

When we engage, our companies do not have other equity partners. The deals we structure include our providing access to advice, expertise, operational capacities and facilities as well as access to funding and partners at both pilot and scale-up stages. 


We invest in companies through convertible debt or in exchange for negotiated equity.

Our first stages of investment is to support time-bound pilots that catalyze our companies efforts towards significant milestones in their growth, whether it is follow-on funding, first customers or expansion into new geographical areas.

The scale-up funding we provide is for expansion of a proven and piloted company into the relevant geographical areas that we cover.

Advisory services

Together with our partners and through our advisors, we coach and mentor the companies we invest in to achieve the successes we believe are possible.

We provide up to 3 months of targeted support and just-in-time advice in business operations, access to domain expertise, marketing strategies and access through our panel of world-class advisors of accomplished experts and entrepreneurs.

We partner with academic institutions, research think-tanks and corporate leaders to provide seminars and training that puts our companies on the cutting-edge of their field.


We leverage our relationships with funders, CEOs, innovators, not-for-profit entities and governments to ensure that our companies are in the front-line, known and are leading.

We give our companies an unfair advantage by ensuring that they get to access the right investors and the right financing at the right time.

Using these networks, our focus is to enable our companies to access innovative financing in order to achieve scale.

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