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About us

Who are we and what do we do?

We invest in good. 

1000 Alternatives is an impact investment fund investing in profitable early-stage companies whose products and services intentionally deliver lasting social impact in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

1000 Alternatives raises funds, identifies and builds high-quality companies to invest in while ensuring the sustainability of the positive social impact generated from the products and services produced. 

Impact investing80%
Startup Events5%

The gap

There are a number of impact investment initiatives from the public and non-profit sectors worldwide, but most of them are struggling to find high-quality investments to make with their models. Further, the sustainability of the outcomes and financial performance beyond this support remains a challenge.

From 2016, there has been a wave of pay-for-results and billion-dollar outcomes funds that use private sector investments for social impact in education while promising a near-market return, but the key challenge of finding suitable investments remains.

Observations on the private sector incubator, accelerator and impact investment arena are discouraging; incubators have high OPEX and accelerators do not accelerate; only 2% of companies from the top 20 accelerators have had a successful exit . Quality investments are hard to find ; the filters that identify which companies to invest in don’t work well and the operational expenses are just too high.

Our value proposition

For investors and companies that are invested in, 1000 Alternatives is the impact investment fund that delivers market returns using a proprietary process that ensures the companies it scales will deliver profit and impact in education, trade, health and housing.

What we offer

Incubation: Together with its implementing partners, 1000 Alternatives leverages proprietary incubation processes and shared services to build profitable, market-leading companies that do good in return for equity or a fee.

Investment: Together with its for-profit and non-profit investors, 1000 Alternatives invests in daring companies with a profitable business model that guarantee social impact in education, trade and housing.

Scale for impact: Together with it’s for-profit and outcomes-payers and in return of equity and profit-share, 1000 Alternatives accelerates the growth of companies it invests in to deliver lasting social impact and profit.

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