Bob Reid

Bob Reid

Advisor - Blockchain, ICOs, IPOs, Fundraising


Bob Reid is the Co-founder & CEO of Everest, a blockchain platform that integrates a multi-currency wallet + digital/biometric identity + payment platform. An end-to-end economic, financial inclusion solution.

Recently, Bob was an advisor to Kai Labs, a blockchain-focused think tank & accelerator that brought together entrepreneurs, corporations, domain experts and investment capital to advance the development of distributed systems & applications for a wide range of vertical markets.

Previously, Bob was the General Manager of Licensing at BitTorrent, and VP of Strategy & Business Development at Neulion and DivX.

Having gone through two IPOs, two acquisitions and raised millions of dollars in financing, including founding a startup based on two of his own patents, Bob has a keen understanding of the digital landscape. Over the past 20 years, Bob increased revenue for software, video, mobile, consumer electronics, digital media, consumer Internet and semi/IC technology companies.


IPO, ICO, Fundraising100%
Asia and Global Partnerships100%
Incubation, Acceleration100%