George Kidenda

George Kidenda

Advisor - Trade, Logistics, Jobs


George Kidenda, the Managing Director of Freightlogix Kenya Ltd,  has thirty four (34) years of experience in all phases of inter-modal transport logistics and administration including Clearing & Forwarding, Warehousing, Shipping, Airline management and procurement, a thorough knowledge of all related transport operations and procedures.

George has extensive experience in the development of strategic and tactical plans to ensure business and revenue growth, human resource management and productivity improvement, development and implementation of work systems and procedures, the maintenance and upgrading of automated and manual finance, operations and management systems.

George was the founder Managing Director of Siginon Freight Ltd, a leading transport logistics company in Africa. George was also the Managing Director of the Kenya National Shipping Line Ltd and has also served as the Deputy Managing Director and Commercial Director for Kencargo International Airlines Ltd (a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, one of the largest airlines in Africa). George was also the Regional Procurement Manager for SDV Transami, a Bollore Group Company.

Mr. Kidenda has recently co-authored a World Bank article on the Political Economy of Transport Sector Integration in the East African Community (October 2014). He was the Chairman of the Inaugural Kenya Shippers Council and is currently a Trustee of the Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA).


Trade and Transport Logistics100%
Operations, Business Growth and P&L Management100%
Government Relations100%
Private sector alliances and relations100%