Ndeithi Kariuki

Ndeithi Kariuki

Advisor - Tourism, Livelihoods


Ndeithi is a destination marketer for tourism, brand communications strategist, digital marketing practitioner, advertiser, graphics designer and illustrator. Expert in photography, web communications, advertising and new communication channels and methodologies.

A long-term senior manager at the Heritage Group, one of Africa’s largest tourism and hospitality companies, Ndeithi successfully positioned the group to become a top-of-the-mind destination in Africa helping to increase bottom line of the Kenyan and regional markets to close to 70% of receipts.

Ndeithi is in charge of the overall look-and-feel of theKenyan owned chain of hotels, including on branding, advertising, graphics design, creative direction, drafting of corporate communication, photographic library, media & supplier relations, online identity management and advising CEO on marketing channels. He also supports the sales & e-commerce department’s selling efforts, ¬†operations and lodges including in the set up and management of online marketing channels (blogs, social media accounts, seeding channels), sales and marketing and analytics for just-in-time decision making.¬†

Specialties in Tourism: Brand management and positioning, destination marketing, online identity and reputation management, digital marketing, corporate communications, graphic arts, creative direction, advertising, integrated marketing, printing and creative direction.

Ndeithi is also a renowned artist and a manager of artists in Kenya, his key expertise being in the use of  sable-hair brushes (using either acrylics & oil paints) as well as charcoal and mixed media experiments. He is currently experimenting with sculpting.


Tourism Management100%
Livelihoods and job creation100%
Managing Art100%
Business development and marketing100%