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Buddy Study: Self-study app for better learning outcomes

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About Buddy Studdy

Buddy Study has an app that provides just-in-time learning support to students. With a large catalogue and library supporting multiple disciplines, the mobile and desktop-based app also provides access to a  tutor network and video resources.

Buddy Study supports an ever growing range of textbooks currently in use at pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels. 


Moderated content100%
Many disciplines100%
Augments physical texts100%

Why this company is lock-step

Buddy Studdy is subscription-based with a community of learners supported by tutors creating content that is accessed for a fee. The platform provides access to just-in-time augmentation to physical texts, access to online and offline tutors, class sessions and self-paced study material,. quizzes, debates and assessments.  

Buddy Studdy provides opportunities for self-paced interactive learning through the app and desktop application. Learners are able to monitor their progress and tutors are able to monitor improvements in their pedagogy leading to improved learning outcomes for students and improved teaching practices by teachers. 

Our investment

We provided Buddy Studdy with incubation and acceleration support, access to shared services and to our business management advisors and are currently linking them to our global investors for funding.